The Reality of Needing Stricter Gun Contol

School violence has reached a dramatic high when children begin to kill one another. This is a call for us as parents and a people of society to wake up and smell the horrific coffee of reality in which we created. The anniversary of Sandy Hook is upon us and still gun control is being pushed around the table like Obama Healthcare. However, how much gun control can one nation utilize when their very constitution scream that we, as a nation of people have the right to bear arms. Many believe that to understand the issues completely we must first understand that there were psychological problems with the people doing the shootings. The Sandy Hook shootings and the Columbine massacre are just two of the recent events which scarred the Americans into action. Yet, the psychological make-up of the various killers is being held apart not together. School violence has neither no-sex limitations nor age qualifications. This would include the rate at which various agencies are recently targeting bullying or an individual’s past of psychological depression or psychosis of revenge as a major contributor towards those individuals choses as a means of acting out their revenge scenarios or fantasies. The many factors surrounding Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Kent University are just eye openers to a bigger problem and more questions.


The Anniversary ofthe Sandy Hook Shooting

     Many people have given thanks to GOD for the salvation of those who survived the incident last year. I too have given thanks to GOD for those who survived. However, confusion is still surrounding why Adam Lanza targeted an Elementary School. There could be no greater heart shed tears other than to truly ask oneself why does anything like this ever happen and to figure how to prevent it from ever happening again. Asking the hard questions are easy once the event has happened, but how do we ask ourselves the even harder questions as to when or what school is next? What discriminatory actions would someone hold society responsible for their failings or even when will the repressed memory of some misunderstood individual, who fails to seek help through normal channel, become the next Adam Lanza? For all the disbelief and dismay, we actually know pretty well that most such events are committed by individuals with a particular set of characteristics. But not all mass homicide perpetrators target schools even though schools do seem to be an unusually common target. People wonder why angry men (and an occasional woman) so often target innocent children who have done them no wrong. In the case of Sandy Hook, although early reports suggested that Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza, may have worked there, the school superintendent has since clarified that she was not a teacher or a substitute.

blog post two online databases

I never really used online databases before so I went to the learning center and reached out for help. I’ve definitely got a little more of an understanding on the fact that online data bases are better for research than just simply searching Google because it may not be accurate information or could be publish by anyone. I learned about online library databases like EbscoHost and how to utilize keyword searches. I briefly read through the articles and made a decision based of the information and topic of the paper. I analyzed the important facts with a highlighter to help me pull out key pieces of information.

After researching my sources, I would like to discuss the fact that Adam Lanza’s motive for the Sandy Hook killings may have been provoked by some deep unresolved anger. Published by Christian Science Monitor in December 2012, the article that I found was Sandy Hook shooting: Was Adam Lanza lashing out against treatment? Fox News reports that Adams’ mother had planned on committing him to seek some treatment. Ms. Lanza was very concerned about the mental health of her son. According to the New York Daily News, a family friend said Adams mother brought him to psychiatrist because he had become very antisocial. Experts say Mr. Lanza’s actions may have been triggered because of an anger issue because of forced treatment. It is not clear yet about what type of treatment, if any, Ms. Lanza was pursuing. She did speak about possibility moving to Washington State with her son, Adam, because there is a school there that could have helped him.

I feel I can use this source to transition between discussing the shooting and the need for better mental health protocols.


Blog post 1: Beginning research

First, I thought of as many different topics that I could to write about in efforts to select a topic. Second, I narrowed it down from school shootings, to Sandy Hook Elementary School. I chose this topic because the one year anniversary is coming up next week. Also, I was drawn to the topic because this was an unusually tragic event. Many issues surrounding this event could have been addressed sooner. For the example, the issues of mental health surrounding the shooter, Adam Lanza, are highly publicized. I would be glad to investigate this topic, because I would like to understand why such a young man would have the motivation to commit such crimes. In my investigation, I want to look at preventive measures that could have been in places and determine what if any mental health care reform is necessary.

In my research, this crime took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown Conn. Twenty six lives where taken. Twenty of them were children. Adam was a twenty year old troubled man that also shot and killed his mother before leaving the home that morning. Teachers were calling from classrooms along with other callers and they all feared for their lives. Police arrived 4 minutes after the first call.  

This information will be helpful in my research because I can use it in my introduction.