Blog post 1: Beginning research

First, I thought of as many different topics that I could to write about in efforts to select a topic. Second, I narrowed it down from school shootings, to Sandy Hook Elementary School. I chose this topic because the one year anniversary is coming up next week. Also, I was drawn to the topic because this was an unusually tragic event. Many issues surrounding this event could have been addressed sooner. For the example, the issues of mental health surrounding the shooter, Adam Lanza, are highly publicized. I would be glad to investigate this topic, because I would like to understand why such a young man would have the motivation to commit such crimes. In my investigation, I want to look at preventive measures that could have been in places and determine what if any mental health care reform is necessary.

In my research, this crime took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown Conn. Twenty six lives where taken. Twenty of them were children. Adam was a twenty year old troubled man that also shot and killed his mother before leaving the home that morning. Teachers were calling from classrooms along with other callers and they all feared for their lives. Police arrived 4 minutes after the first call.  

This information will be helpful in my research because I can use it in my introduction.


One thought on “Blog post 1: Beginning research

  1. This sounds like a good start! A lot of very good arguments can frame a large controversy such as gun control around a specific example, drawing in research that helps apply it to the greater context.

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