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I never really used online databases before so I went to the learning center and reached out for help. I’ve definitely got a little more of an understanding on the fact that online data bases are better for research than just simply searching Google because it may not be accurate information or could be publish by anyone. I learned about online library databases like EbscoHost and how to utilize keyword searches. I briefly read through the articles and made a decision based of the information and topic of the paper. I analyzed the important facts with a highlighter to help me pull out key pieces of information.

After researching my sources, I would like to discuss the fact that Adam Lanza’s motive for the Sandy Hook killings may have been provoked by some deep unresolved anger. Published by Christian Science Monitor in December 2012, the article that I found was Sandy Hook shooting: Was Adam Lanza lashing out against treatment? Fox News reports that Adams’ mother had planned on committing him to seek some treatment. Ms. Lanza was very concerned about the mental health of her son. According to the New York Daily News, a family friend said Adams mother brought him to psychiatrist because he had become very antisocial. Experts say Mr. Lanza’s actions may have been triggered because of an anger issue because of forced treatment. It is not clear yet about what type of treatment, if any, Ms. Lanza was pursuing. She did speak about possibility moving to Washington State with her son, Adam, because there is a school there that could have helped him.

I feel I can use this source to transition between discussing the shooting and the need for better mental health protocols.



One thought on “blog post two online databases

  1. Be aware that due to the circumstances, all those sources are just speculating on Lanza’s motives; no one really understands what his motivations are. Also be aware that, as news sources, they do not carry the kind of expert information that a more scholarly publication would. Each of them actually tend toward a politically conservative bias in the news they report.

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