The Reality of Needing Stricter Gun Contol

School violence has reached a dramatic high when children begin to kill one another. This is a call for us as parents and a people of society to wake up and smell the horrific coffee of reality in which we created. The anniversary of Sandy Hook is upon us and still gun control is being pushed around the table like Obama Healthcare. However, how much gun control can one nation utilize when their very constitution scream that we, as a nation of people have the right to bear arms. Many believe that to understand the issues completely we must first understand that there were psychological problems with the people doing the shootings. The Sandy Hook shootings and the Columbine massacre are just two of the recent events which scarred the Americans into action. Yet, the psychological make-up of the various killers is being held apart not together. School violence has neither no-sex limitations nor age qualifications. This would include the rate at which various agencies are recently targeting bullying or an individual’s past of psychological depression or psychosis of revenge as a major contributor towards those individuals choses as a means of acting out their revenge scenarios or fantasies. The many factors surrounding Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Kent University are just eye openers to a bigger problem and more questions.


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