The Psychology of Revenge (part 1)

Everyday people find it hard to believe that with so many struggles in life that we would give energy and thoughts of wanting revenge for something someone has done to us. Yet, it is true that every day we live and breathe we want it to run smoothly. However, it doesn’t on those moments when you’re younger and the bullies are out there. They come in factors both male and female, young and old, family, friend and strangers. We are causally walking down the proverbial street of life or hallway and then bang someone spots and targets us out of the side of their eyes and then every conflict resolution tactic fails us.

Issues like the shooting at Kent University (1970 ), Columbine (1999), and other happen due to the twisted mind of people who scream that they are tired of others putting them down or pushing them to the brink of self-destruction and public violence. Recently agencies have been developed to try to bring the public’s awareness to social violence. However, we already knew who we the ones causing the problem. Yet, we only think of the awe and shock reactions of those who were pushed over the edge. “Yes, it is their fault, those who flailed out at society that we must blame.” No! We must hold ourselves responsible for the bullies and the victims.


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